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Community College
Secondary level II of RE county

The Hans-Böckler Community College conveys its about 3100 students comprehensive professional, social and personal working capacity and prepares them for lifelong learning.

It offers full time courses of study in the professional areas of:

  • chemistry, physics, biology
  • electrical engineering
  • social and health sciences
  • nutrition and home economics
  • economics and administration as well as
  • print and media technology

It qualifies its students to actively take part in increasingly internationally imprinted developments in economy and society. Due to this aim

  • professional orientation and knowledge
  • professional foundation
  • (job) training
  • continuing education

are imparted in combination with all liberal arts degrees of the secondary level 1 and 2 as for example the high school diploma as well as various types of the associate degrees including the offer of exams in a special subject.

School history

On October the 14th in 1905, at the community council meeting of the city of Marl, with council member Barkhaus and community head official Stoltenberg presiding, it was negotiated and decided:

“Beginning with April 1st 1906, a professional school for further education is to be instituted in this community.”
The presented draft for this local statute was passed and the school tuition was determined for 1,50 German Marks half yearly.
The order for a special school board was temporarily. Following days and times were determined for lessons to take place:

In summer term:
Sunday from 7.30 to 9 am and Thursday from 4 to 8 pm

In winter term:
Sunday from 8 to 9.30 am, Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 6.30 pm

With this all journeymen, hired help, apprentices, factory workers under 17 years of age were obliged to attend the instituted public professional school for continuing education on the days and times which were determined by the community board, and participate in lessons.

Consequently, the 1st of April 1906 is the “birth-day” of the central school of the school system for professional development in the region of Marl. The professional school for continuing education from 1906 in Marl became a point of crystallisation for a developing community college with courses of study for technology, agriculture, business, home economics, health science and social science.

It still is today, with the exception of agriculture. The minister of culture of NRW granted the petition of the city of Marl on August 1st 1973 to enter into the planning phase for the college. On 1st February 1978 the minister of culture granted the petition to commence into a preliminary phase for the attempt of college schools for all schools of Marl for the level II. On 1st August 1979 the "Städtische Berufs-, Berufsfach-, Fach- und Fachoberschule Marl" changed its name into "Hans-Böckler-Kollegschule der Stadt Marl - Schule der Sekundarstufe II".

On 1st January 1993, the Hans-Böckler-Kollegschule was integrated into the Recklinghausen county school system. In the schoolyear of 93/94 the vocational school of Haltern became part of the Hans-Böckler community college. In the schoolyear of 98/99 the Hans-Böckler-Kollegschule became the Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg.